Delegations attending the annual event

In order for the ISPY Academy to be inspirational as well as educational, duty free and travel retailers, airlines, cruise ships and ferries may select from its 100 ISPY members, a delegation to attend the annual event.

We recommend that each delegation include the following:

Once you have selected your candidates, we will provide a web address and login details in order for your sales professionals to take a self assessment (in English). They will also need to download a skills assessment form which needs to be completed by their line manager (or another appropriate person). Each sales person must complete and submit three skills assessments before arrival at the event

Each team member must also submit a 60 second video on what makes them great at their job.

We are inviting individuals and/or sales teams to submit their ideas for a new product/service. The best will have the opportunity to present at the Innovation Corner.

The results of the combination of the pre event assessments will result in certification be awarded and presented at the ISPY Graduation Ceremony Gala evening.

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