The Academy

The new ISPY Academy has been created to deliver year-round online learning and certification for sales professionals from all travel-retail channels, including inflight, airport, downtown, offshore, military, border, cruise ships and ferries.

The Academy aims to: 

How it works

The ISPY Academy is an accessible, e-learning platform that can host online brand, product and sales training courses.

The Academy takes the form of a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS), which features training programmes and knowledge/skills assessments – all of which are mapped to ISPY best practice standards. It can be customised by client and will be updated regularly.

The LMS will also function as an extensive Resource Library which includes product images, descriptions, features and benefits; USPs; segmentation information; and cultural awareness guidance.

The LMS records each member’s learning activities, and allows them to network with other Academy members.

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