E-learning, assessments, certification and awards

The ISPY Academy e-learning platform is being designed to meet the specific needs of Sales Professionals working in the Duty Free and Travel Retail industry. It will be responsive, which means that is easily readable on all mobile devices. We have deliberately kept navigation throughout the Academy simple and intuitive and learning is made easy with the ‘submit, save and revisit’ functionality, giving complete control and flexibility.

For 2017 we are creating a series of assessments mapped against the ISPY best practice standards for sales professionals working in a multi category duty free and travel retail shop and airline cabin crew. This will enable us to:

For 2018 our development road map will include:

The Academy will also have its own resource library. This where Trainers can ‘look up and download’ brand and product information and images to include in their own trainings.

ISPY Academy dashboard

Member profiles:

This is where member profiles will be created and kept. Members can choose whether to make their profile visible to other members or not. Profiles can include as much or as little information as the member wants to add.

List of e-learning and tests:

There will a list and description of the e-learning modules available and instructions on the order to which they should be completed.

Social learning platform:

This will have a facebook feel to it. It will be informal so that members feel comfortable and confident enough to share their comments, experiences, knowledge and skills.

My learning:

This where you will be able to see an overview of your learning achievements.

Resource library:

Go here if you need specific brand and product information such as features and benefits, USP’s and brand awareness. There are images of the products too!


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